The PA-5050 blows away the competition!

With an array of standard features that can only be found as expensive add-ons elsewhere.

Our machine is a true workhorse. It is at home in a production shop running 8 hours per day, every day or in your home workshop being used on the weekends.

Hard to believe? See it for yourself.

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We've done all the work for you, but please feel free to verify.

The PA-5050 features a top quality Italian made Colombo spindle, not a cheap Chinese import.

The PA-5050 is priced lower than the base cost of other machines.

While coming fully loaded with features that many sellers consider to be costly add-on options.

We do this by cutting down on superficial frills while sparing no expense on components where it really counts. While less expensive offerings do exist, they are usually made from cheap plastic or HDPE materials and components.

We do not consider things like spindles to be upgrades!

We consider them to be necessary and therefore include them standard with our machines.

Many partners in this space want to advertise with low cost routers only to get you on the phone and up sell. This is not us, ever!

We may ask what you are planning to machine and offer suggestions to improve based on experience, but we will downgrade you to a router for this level of machine torque.

The end result is a satisfied customer and long lasting/trusting relationship.

We designed our base machine to satisfy the majority of user requirements.

There's no hidden fees. No tricks, no games. Just get to work.

Welded Steel Frame and Cast Epoxy Rail Mounting Surfaces.

The PA-5050 features a welded frame of structural steel. The mounting surfaces for the X and Y rails are cast with an self leveling epoxy designed for precision rail mounting surfaces. This ensures a dead flat surface on Y and parallel surfaces on X upon which the rails are mounted. We do not use plastic for structural components.

The largest working area in it's class.

We offer a true working area. While many machines boast a 48x48 working area, we recognize the fact that common materials, such as MDF, come in slightly larger dimensions. We designed our machine to be able to use every bit of the material. Furthermore, the PA-5050 includes enough margin area around the working area to be able to use clamps without encroaching on the working area. Our machines actual cutting limits are more like 51" wide by 53" length which no one in this space can touch.

Need a larger working area?

Inquire about our PA-50100 which features an actual cutting limit of 51" wide by 103" length. With this large span you can throw a full sheet of virtually anything up there and cut away...

The PA-5050 comes standard with a hardware control system.

This includes temperature monitoring of the electronics enclosure. Cooling fans turn on only when needed, reducing unnecessary noise and filter consumption. The status of the VFD is monitored, so a problem with the spindle stops the machine instead of ruining your workpiece. Your spindle time, filter hours, and fan hours are monitored, letting you know when maintenance is required, proactively.

The PA-5050 works out of the box with our wireless accessory controls.


Technical Specifications

Working Area: 51 x 53 inches. Z Height: 6 inches.

Rapids: Capable of 1200 Inches Per Minute

Accuracy: 0.001 inches.

Spindle: GC Colombo 3HP, 24000 RPM, Reversible. ER20 Collet System.

Drive Mechanism: X and Y; Rack and Pinion. Z; Ball Screw.

Limit Switches: All Axes, Inductive Proximity.

Computer: Pentium Dual Core, 8GB Memory, Solid State Hard Disk, Windows 10.

Control Software: Mach4.

Stepper Drive System: GeckoDrive G540. 3-Axis, 4-Motor system. Dual Drive Y.

Power Requirements: 208-230 Volts AC, Single Phase, 30 Amp. NEMA L6-30 Plug.

Network Requirements: Requires Wi-Fi for Internet Access for Remote Support Features.

Note: We can furnish the machine with plugs other than NEMA L6-30 at no extra charge, just contact us. The overall dimensions are approximate and may vary. 


Leasing Available 

Panther Automation works with Pinnacle Capital to offer you a straightforward, no-hassle, program for leasing a PA-5050. Bring a PA-5050 router into your shop to use while you pay for the tool.

Advantages of leasing to your business

1.      Gain Major Tax Benefits
You may deduct your monthly lease payments as an operating expense.  Leasing also helps you avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).  With capital leases, you may also deduct up to $25k of your capital expenditure.  

2.      Conserve Capital
Cash is always king.  Keep more of it at work in your business by leasing. You will be free to spend on other items such as inventory, personnel, advertising, if your money is not tied up in equipment costs.  This will give your company more financial flexibility.

3.      Cover 100% of Your Equipment Costs
You can include all the soft costs related to your equipment purchase (i.e. shipping, software, installation, tooling, taxes) right into the lease.

Designed and built in the USA by Americans, for Americans.  Not a cheap import.

Request Quotation

Request Quotation

We would love to be your partner. Unlike the others, we're not going to call you up and push expensive upgrades, our base machine will meet the demands of most production shops. We like a simple pricing model and the PA-5050 is only $11,995 and the PA-50100 is only $13,995. However note that we must collect sales tax for all GA sales based on county of delivery. A formal quotation ensures that we can get you the best shipping price to your destination with its capabilities.

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