Panther Automation is a diversified manufacturer with goals to excel in several niche markets. We engineer and manufacture quality products that assist users to perform a variety of tasks through jigs, adapters or automation.

Our products are derived from extensive knowledge of a particular subject matter. With that knowledge we often find improvements to existing products or develop new products to meet the needs within a market.

We work hard to meet our customers’ demands. We encourage customer feedback so that we can improve our products and provide a higher level of service.

We are not a reseller.  We are a manufacturer making and selling products directly to the public.  All of our products are manufactured in Cumming, GA USA. When sourcing components, we endeavor to use US vendors and US made components whenever possible, and we never re-badge another manufacturer’s products.  With this you can be assured that our products will exceed your expectations.

We have never had a single item returned to us with a manufacturing defect or due to customer dissatisfaction.  That is a track record we strive to keep.