Backlapping Machine for Reel Mower
Backlapping Machine for Reel Mower
Backlapping Machine for Reel Mower
Backlapping Machine for Reel Mower
Panther Automation, LLC

Backlapping Machine for Reel Mower

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This backlapping machine simplifies and partially automates the process of performing reel and bed-knife honing on your reel mower.  Simple design offers unbeatable performance at an affordable price! With this machine you can learn how to sharpen a reel mower.

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  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 4.5 : 1 drive system ratio to provide a good balance between high torque and fast lapping operations
  • Adjustable height fits a variety of mowers by simply loosening two wing nuts
  • Dual shaft orientation and electrically reversible motor allow for any orientation configuration you desire
  • 6 foot grounded power cord
  • Industry standard belt for easy replacement if ever it should be necessary
  • Belt and finger guards
  • A carrying handle slot cut into the bottom
  • 3/8-inch socket drive fitting (w/swivel) allows you to place a socket onto the machine to properly fit your mower
  • Additional adapters can be requested if your mower does not use a socket-head backlapping fitting
  • Comes complete and ready to go with a pint of 180 grit lapping compound and an application brush to get you started
  • Made in the USA.  Patent Pending.

Note:  The use of this machine requires a mower that can disengage the reel, allowing the reel to free spin.   Some mowers do this with a simple lever, others require a drive chain or belt to be removed prior to use of this machine. 

Works well with Jacobsen, Tru Cut, and many other powered and push mowers. If you have questions click the Contact us page and we will do our best to answer.

Note: We have a backlog of orders. Order now and your machine will ship within 3 days.

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