G540 Breakout Board V2
G540 Breakout Board V2
G540 Breakout Board V2
G540 Breakout Board V2
G540 Breakout Board V2
Panther Automation, LLC

G540 Breakout Board V2

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New Version 2 G540 breakout board, now at a lower price!  We have improved our manufacturing processes and begun buying components in greater quantity, allowing us to offer you a new Version 2 G540 breakout board not only with more features, but at a lower price!

Anyone who has had to solder connections to the DB-9 connectors for the venerable Geckodrive G540 knows that it can be tricky, error prone, and time consuming.

Our breakout board attaches directly to the G540 and brings all 4 motor connections out to easy to wire terminal strips.  No soldering required!

  • New for Version 2:  Board can be configured with an external resistor for the A-Axis or use onboard circuitry just like the rest of the channels!
  • New for Version 2:  Dirt simple pin headers provide foolproof way of using meter to set motor current!
  • Breakout board designed specifically for this application.  Unlike a generic DB9 breakout, this board contains the wide traces necessary to handle the motor current without burning up or harming motor performance
  • High Quality, thick printed circuit board
  • Altech-style solderless terminals 
  • Precisely located holes in the board allow for easy access to the tuning dials on the G540 without removing the board.
  • No modifications whatsoever to the G540.  Your G540 warranty remains intact.
  • Mounting hardware included; no chance your board will work loose and fall off the drive.
  • Our current adjustment potentiometers (dials) adjust from 0 to 3.48K Ohms across their full range of motion, allowing the most granular possible setting of motor current.

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